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Dining Etiquette

A dining etiquette class provides valuable skills for individuals who want to feel confident and at ease in various dining situations, whether for personal or professional purposes.

Table Settings

This includes understanding the placement of utensils, plates, glasses, and napkins.

Seating Arrangements

Understanding where to sit at a table during formal events, such as business dinners or social gatherings, is a crucial aspect.

Table Manners

Including how to hold utensils, proper use of napkins, and the correct way to pass dishes. Instruction may also include guidance on how to engage in polite conversation during a meal.

Navigating Multiple Courses

In more formal settings, meals may consist of multiple courses.

Networking Etiquette

Designed to teach individuals the proper and refined manners associated with dining in various social and professional settings. The goal of such a class is to instill confidence in participants by equipping them with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate formal dining situations with grace and poise.

Professional Networking

In business or formal social settings, dining often plays a crucial role in networking. Participants may learn how to make a positive impression during professional meals and navigate business-related conversations.

High Tea Etiquette

High tea is a formal and elegant affair that typically involves an afternoon tea service with a variety of teas, sandwiches, pastries, and desserts. Participants in a high tea etiquette course can expect to learn a range of skills and practices related to this sophisticated dining experience.

Introduction to High Tea

Participants are introduced to the history and origins of high tea, including its cultural significance and evolution over time. Understanding the context helps set the stage for the proper etiquette associated with this formal tea service.

Dress Code and Presentation

Attention to personal grooming and presentation is emphasized to ensure a polished and elegant appearance.

Etiquette for Consuming Tea and Accompaniments

Proper manners related to sipping tea, taking bites of sandwiches, and enjoying pastries are covered. Participants learn how to pace themselves and engage in polite conversation during the course of the event.

Practical Sessions

The course may include hands-on sessions where participants practice the skills they've learned in a simulated high tea setting, allowing them to gain confidence in applying proper etiquette.

Absolutely amazing! Keith is an incredible instructor and his classes are informative and fun. Highly recommend The Etiquette Guy for anyone looking to enhance their etiquette skills.

Emma Brown, Ann Arbor

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