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Meet The Etiquette Guy

Keith Soster, also known as The Etiquette Guy, is an experienced etiquette educator based in Ann Arbor, Michigan that offers etiquette services that empower individuals with etiquette knowledge and skills for personal and professional success. The Etiquette Guy specializes in providing guidance and training on proper etiquette in various social and professional settings.


The comprehensive curriculum covers various etiquette topics such as dining etiquette, business/networking etiquette, and high tea. It is designed to provide individuals with the tools they need to excel in various social and professional settings. We take a modern approach to etiquette, incorporating contemporary norms into our courses, and strive to create an inclusive atmosphere, welcoming individuals from all backgrounds, ages, and professions.

We believe that every individual deserves personalized attention and feedback. Therefore, class sizes are small to moderate, and the interactive learning approach includes hands-on activities, role-playing, and real-world scenarios to reinforce our understanding of etiquette principles. The knowledge and skills gained from The Etiquette Guy are designed to last a lifetime, providing confidence and preparedness for any social or professional event.

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The Etiquette Guy offers a comprehensive curriculum that covers a wide range of etiquette topics, including dining etiquette, business/networking etiquette, and high tea.

Etiquette Tips

Our Etiquette Guy, Keith Soster, shares his favorite etiquette tips and tricks to help you navigate social and professional situations with ease.


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Tel: 734-260-6143  |  Email:

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Absolutely amazing! Keith is an incredible instructor and his classes are informative and fun. Highly recommend The Etiquette Guy for anyone looking to enhance their etiquette skills.

Emma Brown, Ann Arbor

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